For Administrators

For starters, there is nothing to install - just log in and start building. Encourse is software as a service that performs and scales beautifully. But there’s a lot more to love...

  • Separate learning into different departments to address different audiences and/or group relevant courses together.

  • Invite users to public or private courses from your mailing list or student roster.

  • Brand integration gives way to a seamless experience. Even manage details like the footer.

  • Track aggregate progress through courses. Understand where and why your learners are slowing down or getting hung up.

  • Dashboards to view activity across all your learning content, by department, or by course.

  • Smart templating throughout Encourse makes the most complicated learning initiatives easy to deploy.

  • Ensure learners are are watching video content by setting viewing thresholds.

  • Create instructor accounts. Assign them to courses or manage their privileges to let them create courses on their own.

For Instructors

Focus on what matters – your learners and your content. Encourse helps you do that by putting easy to use tools in your hands making the rest of it as easy and efficient as possible.

  • Custom registration for students. Gather the information you need about your students.

  • Post notifications to your course and social channels. Broadcast them over email when it’s important.

  • Gain valuable feedback from your students with post course evaluations.

  • Unified grading interface. Grade test questions or assignments for many students without leaving one screen. Individual answers and assignments vanish once you complete them. Efficient, clear and easy to administer.

  • Freedom to pull content from around the web into your course. The ease to integrate it with copy/paste simplicity.

  • A single inbox for student messages and activity that needs your attention or input.

  • Beyond multiple choice: Allow students to attached word or project files to any assessment.

  • Share responsibilities and collaborate with other instructors in a course.

For Learners

Learners in Encourse enjoy clean and friendly interfaces, easy navigation, archived content and achievements. These are just a few reasons your audience will love learning with Encourse.

  • ‘My Courses’ provides easy access to all your learning, even across different departments.

  • Self paced courses allow students to learn at a speed comfortable for them.

  • Native video with HTML 5. Complete courses across different devices, platforms and browsers.

  • Notifications your way – keep connected and on top of important course developments.

  • Self paced courses allow students to learn at a speed comfortable for them.

  • Popular content formats and tools from around the web used in your courses.

Are You Ready?

Contact us today and allow us to answer any questions you have and set up a demo to show you everything Encourse can do.

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